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Your ability to focus will determine your future - start now! Read more. Share at. More from this Author. Dave Ferguson, volunteer counselor for abuse victims.

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Additional Information. About Your Guide Ann Weiser Cornell struggled with addiction, social anxiety, and an inability to do one of the things she most wanted to do — write. Learning Focusing Audio Set.

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De Toorts. Vague goals are infinitely harder to reach, and thus lead to dangerous procrastination. Flexibility will keep you from feeling suffocated, and allow you to take advantage of unforeseen opportunities when they come across your path.

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Without goals that line up with your personal belief system, you will trap yourself into becoming someone you do not want to be. In contrast, when your goals require actions that align with positive core values, decision-making becomes easy, as internal conflict is eliminated. This increases the likelihood that you can actually achieve them in a reasonable amount of time.

Goals should not be entirely selfish. If you cannot rationalize your desires to yourself, they might be fundamentally flawed.

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Your knowledge base surrounding your field separates you from your competitors. If you take the time to reflect on each day, acknowledging success and challenges alike, you will put yourself in a better position to make efficient adjustments. On the other hand, surrounding yourself with worthwhile individuals and mentors can drastically improve your life.

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Make yourself worth investing in by respecting these three rules:. Always tell the truth, and people will trust you. Always do what you say you will, and people will respect you.

The Power of Focus The Power of Focus
The Power of Focus The Power of Focus
The Power of Focus The Power of Focus
The Power of Focus The Power of Focus
The Power of Focus The Power of Focus
The Power of Focus The Power of Focus
The Power of Focus The Power of Focus
The Power of Focus The Power of Focus

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