The Art of Detection (Kate Martinelli Mysteries, Book #5)

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An acclaimed master of suspense creates a heroine you will never forget in this superbly chilling novel of a woman who begins a desperate undertaking that may transform her life--or end it.

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Set in the near future and inspired by the captivating myth of the warrior queen Califia, this brilliantly inventive novel tells the story of a small, peaceful community of women tucked away in a world gone mad. Mary Russell and her husband, Sherlock Holmes, have stirred the wrath of a murderous secret organization bent on infiltrating the government. Now they are separated and on the run, wanted by the police, and pursued across the Continent by a ruthless enemy with limitless resources and powerful connections.

The Art of Detection (Kate Martinelli, #5) by Laurie R. King

In the eerie wasteland of Dartmoor, Sherlock Holmes summons his devoted wife and partner, Mary Russell, from her studies at Oxford to aid the investigation of a death and some disturbing phenomena of a decidedly supernatural origin. New York Times bestselling author Laurie R.

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King takes us to a remote cottage in Cornwall in this gripping tale of intrigue, terrorism, and explosive passions that begins with a visit to a recluse code-named. At the close of the year , forced to flee England's green and pleasant land, Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes enter British-occupied Palestine under the auspices of Holmes' enigmatic brother, Mycroft. Called "one of the most original talents to emerge in the '90s" by Kirkus Reviews, award-winning author Laurie R. King delivers an intelligent, terrifying, engrossing drama of good and evil, unlike any she has written before Retrieved on Its plot speculates what might have happened if H.

Wells had built a real time machine to travel to the s in search of Jack the Ripper. The novel was adapted to film the same year, under the same title, by Alexander's friend Nicholas Meyer who had optioned the story after reading the early pages. Meyer wrote his screenplay as Alexander finished the novel and the two freely shared ideas for their respective iterations.

A short-lived television series adaptation aired in Plot The novel alternates perspectives between H. Wells and a character initially identified only as "Stevenson. In the next chapter, Wells is introduced showing off his brand new time machine to a group of men including Stevenson.

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When police arrive to announce that they have identified Jack the Ripper as Stevenson, Stevenson uses the. The Tree Bride, is a historical novel by Bharati Mukherjee. It is the sequel to Desirable Daughters. Plot introduction The quiet brahmin girl from Bengal becomes a passionate resister of foreign rule, against the British Raj. The narrator discovers her ancestor's struggle for her land, whilst seeking to establish herself as an American citizen. Heavily influenced by the Beat movement, and exhibiting many prototypical features of postmodernism, the book retains numerous themes, such as ethnicity and prejudice, addressed in Kingston's other works.

The novel is rampant with allusions to pop-culture and literature, especially the Chinese novel Journey to the West. The novel mainly follows his actions and changing attitudes towards his ancestry and life in general. Trout Fishing in America is a novella written by Richard Brautigan and published in It is technically Brautigan's first novel; he wrote it in before A Confederate General from Big Sur, which was published first.

Overview Trout Fishing In America is an abstract book without a clear central storyline. Instead, the book contains a series of anecdotes broken into chapters, with the same characters often reappearing from story to story. The settings of most of the chapters occur in three locales: Brautigan's childhood in the Pacific Northwest of the U. Most of the chapters were written during this trip. The phrase "Trout Fishing in America" is used in various ways: it is the title of the book, a character, a hotel, the act of fishing itself, a modifier one charact.

It is an autobiographical and picaresque detailing the narrator's experiences in San Francisco's queer subculture. It includes experimentation with consensual sado-masochism after the author meets Petra, a knife-wielder; as well as Willa, a tormented poet; and Iris, a young butch who escaped from a repressive southern upbringing to San Francisco. Villa Incognito is a novel by Tom Robbins published in The author opens the novel with the line, "It has been reported that Tanuki fell from the sky using his scrotum as a parachute. Tanuki is a "semi-god" with an unusually large scrotum and is portrayed alongside a beautiful young female character, who continues Tanuki's lineage with the use of a chrysanthemum seed embedded in the roof of her mouth, three American MIAs who deliberately remain in Laos long after the United States US ' involvement in the Vietnam War has ended, and two sisters, who are related to one of the missing American soldiers.

Plot Following the arrest of one of the MIAs, for trafficking drugs while dressed as a priest, the novel depic. Plot summary Alex is in his room when his cellphone rings. Alex answers and the Mastermind is on the line. He tells Alex that he killed Cavalierre to toy with Alex. The case involved a runaway girl that was found hung from a light fixture in a hotel room. First, Alex takes Jannie and Ali to school but tells them he'll be back for Damon's choir concert. Jamilla picks Cross up at the airport.

She takes him to the morgue to see the bodies. A friend of hers, Dr. Allan Pang a dental expert is examining the bites on the victims. After reviewing the bites, he deduces that the man was bitten and mauled by a tiger and the girl was bitten by hu. Vous revoir is a romantic novel by Marc Levy. Plot summary When Arthur returns to San Francisco after a self-imposed exile in Paris, he rediscovers his best friend, his job, and the city he loves. The one thing missing is Lauren: the woman he had sacrificed everything to save, only to lose her minutes later.

Arthur is resigned to never see Lauren again. Together the five plan to bomb the Hobart Building and kidnap Jonnyboy's boyfriend Roarke, in an attempt to save the redwoods. Hillsbery writes with a stream-of-consciousness narration style and frequently uses abbreviation and other teen slang. Advocate rates it a "tentative thumbs-up",[3] describing it as disjointed and difficult to follow, but with a realism potentially appeali.

White Fang is a novel by American author Jack London — — and the name of the book's eponymous character, a wild wolfdog. First serialized in Outing magazine, it was published in It is a companion novel and a thematic mirror to London's best-known work, The Call of the Wild, which is about a kidnapped, domesticated dog embracing his wild ancestry to survive and thrive in the wild. Much of White Fang is written from the viewpoint of the titular canine character, enabling London to explore how animals view their world and how they view humans.

White Fang examines the violent world of wild animals and the equally violent world of humans. The book also explores complex themes including morality and redemption. As early as , the story was adapted to film, and it has since seen several more cinematic adaptations, including a film starring Ethan Haw. The story takes place in San Francisco, California in the early s. The title character is a papier mache bird that shares the front room of a San Francisco apartment with a collection of bowling trophies that some time earlier were stolen from the home of the Logan brothers.

The human tenants of this apartment are John and Pat, who have just returned from seeing a Greta Garbo movie in a local movie theater. Their neighbors are Bob and Constance, a married couple going through some rough times in their relationship. Because of their failing relationship, Bob becomes depressed. Meanwhile the Logan brothers are looking for their bowling trophies stolen three years earlier. The brothers have turned their happy life of bowling into a life of vengeance.

Brautigan tried to have all the main characters in the story have an intersection that is comically sad. Richard Brautigan got the name Willard in the novel f. Soehnlein Karl Soehnlein following his best seller The World of Normal Boys Plot A thirty-something San Francisco gay radio journalist Jamie Garner reluctantly returns to his childhood home of Greenlawn, New Jersey, and discovers secrets from his dead father's sexual past, including photos with a friend actor Dean Foster and entourage of Jack Kerouac all covered by a year secrecy.

Upon his return to San Francisco, Jamie though trying desperately to maintain a monogamous relationship with his venture-capitalist boyfriend Woody, falls into a series of promiscuous relations after a hurried sexual encounter with a man in the rest room of Newark airport. For all his faults, Jamie, a sympathetic, often frustrating character tries to make peace with his father's deep-seated prejudices toward his sexuality and come to terms with his father's mysterious long-ago alternative life. Soehnlein official site. Jody, one of the mature suckers and a newly minted vampire, has remained in San Francisco despite her promise to the police to move away after previous incidents.

Tommy, her boyfriend, is shocked at the beginning of the sequel to discover that Jody "turned" him i. Upon learning he is a vampire, Tommy shouts, "You suck!

Jody explains that she did it so that they could be together forever. They struggle to survive and to maintain their relationship despite the efforts of others to eliminate them.. The novel like many in the series was commercially successful and repeatedly appeared in Publishers Weekly bestseller lists, and high in the list at the end of that year. This book is the fifth in a series written on the Women's Murder Club.

Lindsay is in her mid-thirties, slender with blonde hair. She works in homicide at the San Francisco Police Department. Lindsay lives with a rescued border collie named Martha. Lindsay's best friend is Claire, to whom she refers as "Butterfly.

It deals with the establishment of a socialist commune on a Californian island and its subsequent unraveling. Widely reviewed, it was later adapted as a play and as a film. The City, Not Long After is a postapocalyptic science fiction novel by Pat Murphy that incorporates elements of magic realism. A few hundred people, most of them artists, live in San Francisco, California, and have built many large-scale artworks there out of salvaged materials.

To the east, in the Central Valley, a military government headed by General Miles nicknamed "Fourstar" has spread from Sacramento and annexed many other towns, including Fresno and Modesto. Miles dreams of recreating the United States of old and is planning to invade San Francisco, which he claims is populated by Godless sinners who are hoarding its resources. A nameless young woman, whose mother fled the city soon after the plague, has a vision of an angel at her mother's death.

It leads her to believe she will be reunited with her mother in the city and inspires her to go there and warn its inhabitants of the coming invas. King mysteries. The books are set in San Francisco, where Martinelli serves as a police officer with her partner, Alonzo Hawkin.

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Mystery Net. Retrieved 14 October First published in , this novel was followed in by a sequel The Vine of Desire. The girls use their own voices to narrate the story of their lives.


Laurie R. King

In alternating chapters the reader closely follows the lives of Sudha and Anju through childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood. Although some of the characters immigrate to the United States, most of the story is set in India. Indian traditions and culture are part of the rich environment portrayed in the novel and the descriptions of Calcutta are especially vivid. Sister of My Heart is a story about family, friendship, and the bond between sisters. Plot summary Book one Princess in the Palace of Snakes follows two cousins from birth until their wedding day.

The sudden death of their fathers on a reckless hunt for rubies sends Anju and Sudha's mothers into premature labor, and the two girls are born twelve hours apart.

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The Red Guard is the twenty-eighth novel in the long-running Nick Carter-Killmaster series of spy novels. The novel was written by Manning Lee Stokes. Sun Yat, an elderly Chinese bookseller in San Francisco's Chinatown is murdered by Mafia hitmen who stage the murder to make it look like a Tong assassination. Guaranteed 3 day delivery. Jacket has light wear along top edge. Otherwise NF in NF. First edition, first printing. Rubbing to dust jacket.

Small stains to bottom edge of pages; slight darkening to top edge of pages. Pushed at head and heel of spine. Signed by the author on the title page! Bantam 1st edition, , with complete number line. Not price-clipped, no remainder marks! Title : The Moor. Author : Laurie R. Edition : First. If anything, we tend to grade lower than we should. You are buying all 3 Laurie R. King books shown in my pictures. Justice Hall. ISBN: Dust cover has been protected by Plastic Cover.

Plastic cover is showing rubbing. King Laurie R. The Art Of Detection. Book and Jacket appear to have hardly been read and are both in As new condition throughout. Jacket Condition:As New. Format:Hard Cover. Publisher:Poisoned Pen Press. Not price-clipped, no remainder marks. Author : Laurie King. Binding : Hardback with dustjacket. Title : Night Work. By Laurie R. A Letter of Mary. Condition : Good. DJ has tears at corners, creasing at edges, rubbings, soiling, scratches. Back endpaper has soiling.

No writing inside. Book is in fine collectable condition with very slight rubbing to the lower spine end. Signed on the title page. This is the sequel to The Beekeeper's Apprentice. A Grave Talent. Book Condition : Very good, spine ends bumped, small dents to bottom edges of boards. This is a first printing of O Jerusalem by Laurie R.

The Art of Detection (Kate Martinelli Mysteries, Book #5) The Art of Detection (Kate Martinelli Mysteries, Book #5)
The Art of Detection (Kate Martinelli Mysteries, Book #5) The Art of Detection (Kate Martinelli Mysteries, Book #5)
The Art of Detection (Kate Martinelli Mysteries, Book #5) The Art of Detection (Kate Martinelli Mysteries, Book #5)
The Art of Detection (Kate Martinelli Mysteries, Book #5) The Art of Detection (Kate Martinelli Mysteries, Book #5)
The Art of Detection (Kate Martinelli Mysteries, Book #5) The Art of Detection (Kate Martinelli Mysteries, Book #5)
The Art of Detection (Kate Martinelli Mysteries, Book #5) The Art of Detection (Kate Martinelli Mysteries, Book #5)
The Art of Detection (Kate Martinelli Mysteries, Book #5) The Art of Detection (Kate Martinelli Mysteries, Book #5)
The Art of Detection (Kate Martinelli Mysteries, Book #5) The Art of Detection (Kate Martinelli Mysteries, Book #5)
The Art of Detection (Kate Martinelli Mysteries, Book #5)

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