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The Olaf Urban combines four products in one: a kick-scooter, a trolley, a backpack and a skateboard. The Urban backpack is designed to carry the folded scooter. The combined backpack and trolley weigh just 3. The esa watch uses wifi to display information from onboard instruments on your wrist. As well as the ability to show performance sailing data including speed and polar target data, the watch is still essentially a smartphone, offering full Android capabilities.

The California Roll will play for up to 15 hours on a single charge of the battery and is fully waterproof, even when submerged. Integrated solar panels further extend the operation time and the mAh battery can be used as a USB power bank to recharge other devices. This Australian innovation blends rowing with outboard motors to produce a clever lightweight solution for your tender.

It uses a gear ratio contained in the collar by the handle, driving a high-pitch propeller to provide a smooth, silent and fuel-less means of manual propulsion in either direction. Time to ditch the outboard, oars or both? We conducted a waterproofing test on mobile phones , looking at nanotechnology sprays in particular, but concluded that a waterproof case remains the most secure way of protecting a mobile device. The SnowLizard range include a built-in solar panel and back-up battery.

It can spot objects up to m away, including boats, buoys, landmarks or wildlife. Keeping your head warm and dry is vital to enjoying winter sailing. This waterproof hi-vis Sealskinz Bobble hat looks like the ideal way of achieving that, while making sure you can be spotted easily. It is water and stain repellent, with a Teflon coated acrylic outer fabric and micro fleece inner lining.

The more portable personal rescue devices are, the more likely they will be worn or carried. On any yacht the most challenging task you might be engaged in without warning is to cut a line. This compact, lightweight double-ended torch shines a powerful white beam from one end and a red light from the other. Both can be operated simultaneously for a variety of uses from onboard, to the tender ride or cycle home. Accessories include a headband that allows either colour to shine forwards, a reflective neck lanyard, plus stanchion, helmet and magnetic mounts. These have black leather cuffs and anti-slip palms with silicon grip dots.

Sailing Essentials - What to Pack on a Boat | Van Isle Marina

This is the first fully waterproof quad copter — and it floats. The drone is not only designed to carry a GoPro, but has a payload release feature for carrying and releasing other items, including safety gear. Use it to capture some unique footage of your yacht, take a beer to a friend, or even drop a life-ring to a casualty in the water. This Danish TackingMaster helps make wind shifts quick and easy to gauge using a watch-style wrist mount.

Once the wind direction and course to the mark have been set, you can track any shifts by using its inner course dial.

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So you can easily see how a shift may affect the next tack or leg and keep track of the average wind trend. Anyone who partakes in extreme watersports will know there are times when wearing a lifejacket is simply not practical afloat. And others may simply want the comfort of a personal flotation device without the bulk, perhaps when taking a swim away from an anchored yacht. The Restube is a personal lifebuoy developed by a kitesurfer that stows into a small bum-bag like pouch.

It uses a vertical or horizontal belt attachment, and a sports model is available with a harness mount. If I were to recommend one piece of repair kit to carry aboard it would probably be this new emergency epoxy adhesive. The fast curing epoxy can be used on sails plus most materials in virtually all conditions — including underwater — so it can even help patch a hole below the waterline.

Sailing Essentials: Guide to Waterproof Luggage

Watch the video here. A Satsleeve turns your mobile phone into a satphone. Sailors are discerning types with quality tastes. So why not ship a portable beer tap for draught-tasting beer with the perfect head? We did a test of folding bikes and portable transport in If you can afford it, this GoCycle is a clear winner.

Top 10 essentials for living on a sailboat

This beautifully engineered electric-assist bicycle has 20in wheels, balloon tyres, and a well-cushioned saddle, which gives a smooth fast and comfortable ride. It is proper, enjoyable bike to cycle manually and the rider can select from zero to per cent motor assistance on demand. The GoCycle is a premium product that needs space to store and time to assemble.

But, it is a game-changer, giving real freedom to enjoy time away from the boat. It includes 22 tools and a mount for attaching saw blades. So you can now use your phone to cut, saw, grip, and screw things — then open a beer after your hard work. Garmin continues to upgrade its excellent rugged and waterproof to 50m Virb cams. The main improvements are with picture resolution and an increased variety of mounting options. The dedicated photo button to take stills at any time, even while the camera is recording, is also a neat addition.

As standard 29 tools are provided, including flat, Phillips and Pozi-Driv screwdrivers, hex drives, box wrenches and Torx drives. As there is no conventional knife you can fly without putting it in hold luggage. Keeping keys, passports, wallets and electronic gadgets safe when travelling can all too often be a challenge.

The Flexsafe is a lockable bag made of slash-proof materials that cannot be cut open with a knife that incorporates a piercing db motion sensing alarm. When on shore simply attach the bag to a convenient tree, your folding bike, the dinghy or any other suitable structure.

This blackbox server will wirelessly stream information from onboard instruments to mobiles, tablets and laptops. The splash-proof wrist case included helps promote wearable navigation — the viewing of instrument, charting and AIS data on deck via apps on your smartphone. Aquawear aslo creates a wifi hotspot for the whole crew.

Buying a case of Champagne By You involves a tasting session to decide on the exact champagne style, all imported from family growers in the champagne region. Clients then get to design a unique handmade aluminium label using anything from a corporate logo to a photograph. Vaavud is essentially a set of whirling cups that turn your smartphone into an anemometer. A new compact Sleipnir model is now available that uses an electronic sensor and can read wind direction too. Sugru is a new material that feels like play dough but acts like superglue and sticks to most objects and surfaces.

For that time when you need to collect the silverware in your blazer at the yacht club, you need to look the part…. Wichard has produced knives in Thiers, the French home of knife making, since Its latest range includes Offshore and more economic Aquaterra models. The Aquaterra uses a conventional or serrated blade and has the accessory all sailors really need: a corkscrew.

This French inflatable sailing dinghy stows into two compact bags and can be launched, assembled and sailed anywhere in 20 minutes. It looks like safe, enjoyable and family friendly fun, ideal for getting kids into dinghy sailing. It uses the same high-strength PVC material as stand-up paddleboards, inflated via a high-pressure pump.

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  4. An alloy structure gives it a backbone and allows the helm or crew to sit out, and a freestanding carbon mast splits into four. The basics of sailing are easy to learn in a few classes, although it can take a lifetime to perfect them. Of the many skills and techniques to learn about sailing, there are five essentials: sail setting, boat balance, fore and aft trim, position of the centerboard, and course made good. Next we'll learn about safe boating, as well as some boating superstitions that have persisted through the years.

    Sailors know their knots. There are two general types you should know: bend and hitch. A bend is a knot that fastens rope ends together. A hitch loops a rope around itself to secure the boat to a rail or post. How to Survive a Shipwreck.

    How Sailboats Work. How Land Sailing Works. How Ice Sailing Works. Basic Sailing Skills and Terms. Prev NEXT. The crew members of a racing yacht are sure to know the five basics of sailing. Sail setting : Sailboats can't be taken directly into the wind or they run the risk of stopping when there's literally no wind in your sails.

    Gear Essentials: Quick Summary

    Depending on your point of sail -- the direction of your boat in relation to the direction of the wind -- different sail settings are needed. You can set your main sail by listening to it: Ease the sail out until it flaps along the luff , the part closest to the mast , and then pull it back in just until the flapping stops. Boat balance : When your boat begins to lean to one side, it's known as heeling. To overcome heeling and stay on course, it's important to stay aware of the wind is it gusting?

    Also keep aware of the weight you have onboard and how it's distributed. If your boat is leaning port side, you can counteract it by moving your weight or the weight of the crew to the opposite, or starboard , side.

    How to PROVISION for an Ocean Crossing! - Sailing Wisdom: Season 3, Ep 1
    Sailing Essentials Sailing Essentials
    Sailing Essentials Sailing Essentials
    Sailing Essentials Sailing Essentials
    Sailing Essentials Sailing Essentials
    Sailing Essentials Sailing Essentials

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