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It's crazy what's going on with schools and not only in our country. According to the Gun Violence Archive, there have been mass shootings in the United States in President Trump, who recently spoke at the National Rifle Association convention , defended gun rights. The Trump administration banned bump stocks following a mass shooting at a Las Vegas music festival in October that killed 58 people. That shooter used a bump stock, a device that allows a rifle automatic or semiautomatic firing capability.

Trump: Will 'seriously look' at banning gun silencers

But in his interview with Morgan, he quickly turned the conversation to knife crimes in London. All rights reserved. Interested in Donald Trump? Donald Trump. Add Interest.

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Supreme Court won't stop Trump administration's bump stock ba. Trump: Will 'seriously look' at banning gun silencers. Greek authorities arrest suspect in connection to hijacking of TWA flight. North Korean mother and son defectors die of suspected starvation in Seoul. Florida woman jailed after video of her kicking and choking dog goes viral. Bus crash kills 22 in northwest Pakistan, after brakes fail.

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Joe Kennedy formally announces US Senate campaign. School cancels football game after cheerleaders' Trump banner. Warren highlights violence against transgender women of color. Steak, beer and politics: Democrats descend on Iowa. Trump orders additional air defense troops to Saudi Arabia.

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Trump issues executive order to improve flu vaccine. Trump announces sanctions on Iran's national bank ahead of military options meeting. Antonio Brown's rise and fall from promising rookie to endless headache for the NFL. When gunfire rang out over the Route 91 Harvest festival Sunday night in Las Vegas, the rapid, sustained tat-tat-tat-tat was clearly audible, even over the live music booming from the stage.

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Some attendees initially mistook the sound for fireworks , a pyrotechnic finale to the concert. But as bodies began to fall, the terrible reality was soon clear: The thousands gathered that night on the Strip were under attack, in what would become for the time being the deadliest mass shooting in U. In amateur video captured from the crowd , the camera pans up to the Mandalay Bay, across the street from the outdoor concert venue.

A few men and women can also be seen pointing up toward the source of the shooting.

One man, still holding an oversized can of Bud Light, flashes his middle finger up at the hotel before ducking for cover. Ben Sweeney, a hotel guest on a business trip, told the Washington Post that the resounding gunfire seemed to have been coming from the adjacent room. A fire alarm, triggered by smoke from the gunfire, further helped police to pinpoint the specific room where the gunman was located. This latest mass shooting—in which the sounds of gunfire played an important role for survivors and police—coincides with an effort in Congress to deregulate gun silencers, devices that reduce the volume of a gunshot by capturing and dispersing hot gas as it leaves the muzzle of a firearm.

Under longstanding law, silencers are sold only by specially licensed dealers and are subject to more rigorous background checks, longer waits and steeper federal taxes than typical gun sales.

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Lobbyists for the firearms industry, affiliated with both the National Rifle Association and the National Shooting Sports Foundation, have argued that making guns quieter is a simple matter of public health. Quieter guns are less likely to cause hearing damage. But gun violence prevention advocates from groups including the Violence Policy Center and Brady Center have challenged those safety claims and pointed to another motive for the push to deregulate silencers—profit.

There are more guns than people in the United States, and recent slumps in gun sales might be a sign that supply is outstripping demand. Senator Chris Murphy, who represents the Newtown community still devastated by a mass shooting in , articulates that calculus in a recent Huffington Post video. The first commercial silencer was patented in , and they were still relatively novel in , when Congress enacted the regulations still in effect today.

Together with fully automatic machine guns, sawed-off shotguns and some other weapons, silencers were restricted under the National Firearms Act, which was written with the participation and approval of the NRA. The legislation was a response to the shocking violence of gangland massacres, in an era where criminals often outgunned police. Consumer interest in tactical equipment seems largely motivated by aesthetics, rather than actual application. For example, several gun manufacturers now offer real guns with fake silencers, such as this. In June, Congress was set to consider a bill to eliminate stringent regulations on silencers, but postponed hearings after a shooting spree at a baseball practice left Rep.

Steve Scalise and three others wounded.

The prospect that unregulated gun silencers might soon be sold at any sporting goods store or Wal-Mart, though, remains entirely plausible. The Hearing Protection Act has sponsors , including four Democrats.

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The NRA is quick to challenge the common misperception that silencers make firearms whisper-quiet. Both points are reiterated by Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership in a position paper endorsing easier access to silencers. The gist: guns are noisy. Inventor Hiram Maxim called his original design a silencer. Without the addition of grease or gel which can further dampen sound , a quality suppressor might reduce the sound of a gunshot by about 40 decibels. For a large hunting rifle, the shooter would still need to wear earplugs or earmuffs or risk hearing loss.

Smaller caliber weapons using lower-velocity ammunition can produce a dramatic drop in volume when a silencer is attached.

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Firearm silencers Firearm silencers
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Firearm silencers Firearm silencers

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