Animal Population Ecology

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Allee Effects. An Introduction to Population Growth.

Genetic variation within local populations

Density and Dispersion. Introduction to Population Demographics. Population Dynamics of Mutualism. Population Ecology Introduction. Population Limiting Factors. The Breeder's Equation. Survivorship Curves. The Population Dynamics of Vector-borne Diseases. Global Atmospheric Change and Animal Populations. Semelparity and Iteroparity.

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  • Population Ecology.
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Causes and Consequences of Dispersal in Plants and Animals. Disease Ecology. Population Ecology Editor s :. Part of the Topic. Cell Biology.

Population Ecology: Monitoring Plant and Animal Populations

Scientific Communication. Career Planning. Earth Systems. Soil, Agriculture, and Agricultural Biotechnology. Environmental Ethics. Biological Anthropology.

A Glossary of Ecology and Population Biology Terms

The ecological relations of sympatry in Plethodon dunni and Plethodon vehiculum. Ecology , 37 , — Fisher, R.

Corbet and C. The relation between the number of species and the number of individuals in a random sample of an animal population. Gause, G. The struggle for existence. Gause G. Hutchinson G. Ecological observations on the fishes of Kashmir and Indian Tibet. Ecol Monogr. A revision of the Corixidae of India and adjacent regions. Trans Conn. Acad Arts.

Official blog of Methods in Ecology and Evolution

Hutchinson, G. Ecological aspects of succession in natural populations. Limnological studies in Connecticut. A critical examination of the supposed relationship between phytoplankton periodicity and chemical changes in lake waters. Ecology 25 , 3— Copepodology for the ornithologist. Ecology 32 , — The concept of pattern in ecology.

Natl Sci. Hynes, H. The ecology of Gammarus deubeni Lilljeborg and its occurrence in fresh water in western Britain. The reproductive cycle of some British freshwater Gammaridae. Jaczewski, S. Kohn, A.

Population studies: Animal ecology and demography | SpringerLink

The ecology of Conus in Hawaii. Yale Dissertation , in press. Mammal migrations, cenozoic stratigraphy, and the age of Peking man and the australopithecines. Lack, D. The significance of clutch-size ——Ibis 89 , —; b. Darwin's Finches. London: Cambridge University Press. The Natural Regulation of Animal Numbers. Oxford: Clarendon Press. Lotka, A. The growth of mixed populations, two species competing for a common food supply. Lundblad, O. Macan, T. Evolution of aquatic habitats with special reference to the distribution of Corixidae. A revised key to the British water bugs Hemiptera, Heteroptera.

Freshwater Biol. MacArthur, R. On the relative abundance of birds species. Natl Acad. Moreau, R. Clutch-size: a comparative study, with special referece to African brids. Pearsall, W. The phytoplankton in the English lakes II. The composition of the phytoplankton in relation to dissolved substances.

Preston, F. The commonness, and rarity, of species. Ecology 29 , — Proctor, V. Some factors controlling the distribution of Haematococcus pluvialis Ecology in press. Lord Rothschild. On the gigantic land tortoises of the Seychelles and Aldabra-Madagascar group with some notes on certain forms of the Mascarene group. Some experiments on the camounflage of stick catepillars. Behaviour 4 , — Shinozaki, K. Researches on population ecology II.

Kyoto University. Shorten, M. Notes on the distribution of the grey squirrel Sciurus carolinensis and the red squirrel Sciurus vulgaris leucourus in England and Wales from to

Animal Population Ecology Animal Population Ecology
Animal Population Ecology Animal Population Ecology
Animal Population Ecology Animal Population Ecology
Animal Population Ecology Animal Population Ecology
Animal Population Ecology Animal Population Ecology

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